G. P. Z. 7000. How good is it really ?

by Neil Dempster
(Chirnside Park Victoria)

Hello everyone. First off can I say what a terrific report on the GPZ 7000, really well done, congratulations.

In 2007 Jonathan Porter released a double d.v.d. titled the G.P.X. factor.The last track on DISC 1 shows Jonathan working a patch with a G.P.X. 4000 and what looks like a 20" round mono coil.

It continues on the first track of disc 2, after 45 minutes digging, showing Jonathan recovering an 80 gram nugget from a hole about 2 feet deep.
O. K. now without wanting to put down the advancements made by Minelab over the years you gotta ask the question, why is the G.P.Z.7000 any better than the G.P.X. 4000 with probably four times more copper wire in the coil and eight years more "advanced" electronics, and over twice the price.

I know it's early days yet but I haven't heard of anybody finding a nugget of that size at that depth, or deeper, with the 7000.

As time goes by I may be held to account for my comments but it would appear, and based on the evidence on the d v d, the 7000 has a lot of catching up to do.

If you wish I can send this d v d to you to have a look at but for anybody wanting to purchase a 7000 I'd be having a long hard look at this d v d and weighing up what is known about both of these detectors before committing to such a large amount of money.

Kind Regards,
Neil Dempster. email address is neil_dempster@optusnet.com.au

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Jul 22, 2016
dunolly gold
by: meanfreddy

I have had 23 trips to dunolly and goldsborough from wagga and never found any gold and have walked for miles in the forrest. I started out with sd2000 moded then the A1F4 minelab stage 2 mods and still no good, i now have a gpx 4500 with a dd butterfly SEF detech coil 15 x 18 only tried it out 4 a hour in whipstick as the weather was crap and did my mine lab training course at bendigo , but will return in oct when the weather picks up.

Jun 25, 2015
GPZ glad to see the back of it
by: David Gough - Dunolly Vic

My name was on the waiting list at Coiltek and I eventually got to the top and swapped 10700 beer chits for a shiny new machine. It had ben a long wait for a new machine and declarations of up to 40% greater depth had me licking my lips.
The operator I normally detect with also bought a GPZ and we spent about two months evaluating the GPZ testing the two GPZ against two 4500 with the new Coiltek 14inch coils. It was an eye opener. The 4500 and Coiltek coils repeatedly outperformed the GPZ.
There was only one target where the GPZ gave a nice signal but the 4500 could not see it. When it was unearthed it was a long spiky 3.3 gram piece only eight inches down.
Half way through the test we received a few days rain and when it cleared we got back to testing. Immediately it was clear something had changed. The GPZ could not penetrate wet leave litter and it signalled a target on the wetter patches of ground.
After two months of testing we were no longer willing to walk with the GPZ and we sold them (only got $9200 each for them). Of the operators I talk to regularly, all bar two have sold their GPZ. One of the operators I know of is still swinging a GPZ is very happy with it. The other one is on his third new machine and the fourth coil (got too admire his persistence LOL).
I am back swinging my much loved GPX4500 and I am now back to finding gold and waiting to hear of a new machine coming out.

Jun 23, 2015
Cost of and Depth Gold is Found with GPZ 7000
by: Udo

Neil has raised the main dilemma with people wavering on buying the GPZ 7000.

That dilemma is not really knowing how it will perform on deep gold compared to the previous machines like a Minelab 5000 with a (say)20" round NuggetFinder Mono set on Sharp.

Then comparing that in VALUE terms of the price difference between the GPX 5000 to the new GPZ 7000.

I have used the GPZ7000 for about a month now and there is no doubt it finds the small gold and our testing shows that it punches deeper than the 5000 with certain target nuggets.

I have yet to walk over a big nugget at depth and when I do I will test the response with a 5000 and a large coil compared to the GPZ 7000.

It would also be helpful if Minelab published any tests they did with the GPZ 7000 in WA CONDITIONS and on WA GOLDFIELDS prior to its release.

Its a serious cost to buy the machine and like we have said before "Hire and Try" before you buy.


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