Geology Training Review

Geology Training Review

"Understand Geology and you will find gold in WA."

This is a review page of Dr Bob Fagan's "Understand Geology", "Geology for Non-Geologists" Training.

A Geology Training Review "Understanding Geology" on Video

Where Can I Find Gold In WA

The key Question we always get asked is:

"Where can I find some Gold Nuggets in West Australia.?"

They are usually framed like this:

  • I am a bit stumped as to what direction to start looking for gold.
  • Where is the best position to place myself to find gold.
  • We have absolutely no idea how, where to find  gold or where to begin.
  • I am going to "placename" where are the best spots to look for gold there.
  • Would you be able to point me in the direction of gold at "Placename".

Basically it is all about :

"Where can I find gold in WA?"

But nobody in their right mind is going to tell you where to find gold. You need to understand Geology and the places where gold is found to understand where you need to go.

Understand Geology - Find Gold!

I am very excited to introduce to you training created by Dr Bob Fagan called;

"Understanding Geology" "Geology for Non-Geologists"

This Training Series of 40 lectures and 20 additional presentations for prospectors and small miners comprehensively answers those questions for you.

It pulls together in (mostly) plain language the geology of rocks and rock forming processes then in a structured way and how to practically use that information in your prospecting and mining work. 

So the product helps you gain the knowledge in Geology that you need to know that helps you to find gold in WA.

In the video I have described just one lesson (lesson 8) "Weathering Soil and the Regolith and the Economic Aspects of the Weathering Profile" will help you understand what you have probably been missing in your search of minerals in the WA.

The section from 21 Element Distribution of Ore Minerals though  22 to 25 on types of mineral deposits give you a clear understanding of what you need to understand about Deposits in WA and the World.

When you align this knowledge with the appendices for those just interested in the WA situation and the "Deposition of Secondary and Nuggets Gold" at appendix 12 then you have a powerful explanation of Geological theoretical understanding and knowledge used in geological maps to target secondary gold.

This training is worth the money for that knowledge alone!

Regolith Theory to Field Photo to CZL on Geological Map

What is In the Understanding Geology Training?

"In a structured way" means Bob provides a series of 20 talks (Blue on the Table of Contents graphic) where you can understand geological concepts and then in the following presentations (Yellow on the Table of Contents graphic) how you can use those concepts of explore, locate, identify and develop ore deposits.

He describes each section with a simple powerpoint presentation that clearly teaches the information that needs to be known.

If you have tried to build your knowledge of Geology by buying Geology texts you will really appreciate the carefully structured hierarchy of presentations in Dr Fagan's "Understanding Geology" training. 

It is in logical sequence and carefully builds an understanding, lecture by lecture , of information required to understand Geological concepts. 

The training uses many local rocks and geological structures as examples and anyone who has been prospecting in WA will immediately recognise the concepts being described in the talk or in diagrams by the photographic examples provided.

What about Local WA Geology, Prospecting and Mining?

Dr Fagan also provides a series of 20 Appendices that are designed specifically for the West Australian Prospecting and small miner.

It is a very comprehensive Training product and do not hesitate to recommend it to people.

Where to Get the "Understanding Geology" Training

Dr Fagans Geology Training is available to download online just click on the graphic;

Click to go to Understanding Geology By Dr R Fagan Webpage

DISCLAIMER...Udo and I are not in business with Dr Robert Fagan nor do we get any financial benefits from this geology training review. It is our honest, unbiased opinion of his "Understanding Geology" Training. Bob Fagan is a member of the Amalgamated Prospectors and Leaseholders Asociation (APLA) as we are.
Dr Fagan has also provided extensive Free training and knowledge to members of APLA over many years.

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