GPZ 7000 vs GPX 5000

by Dig
(Central Vic)

After owning a 7000 for several months and trying all the settings and advice from JP and others I still felt something was amiss.

I got a hold of another 7000 to make sure mine was at the same standard and there was nothing wrong with both the coil and or detector itself.

I also got a hold of a 5000 with a Nugget Finder 14" coil to do some comparisons.

What an eye opener that was. The 5000 was the clear winner.

I felt gutted to think id spent the best part of $11,000 on a machine that had taken me a step backwards.

The testing and comparisons were done in Central Victoria in typical nuggety indicator country.

I agree that some gold types the 7000 is really good on, I saw and experienced this myself.

But when I had it the nuggety solid lumpy gold typically found in those areas declined from amongst my finds, declined dramatically.

Mostly the 7000 gold was flattish or airy in appearance. Often more of a honeycomb nature.

Great if thats the type of gold that predominates in an area but if not...... I went back to a 5000 and have not regretted it one iota.

Its not the detector we were lead to believe it was, the 7000, and misses many gold types, or I should say does not detect many gold types as deep as a GPX type detector can.

In particular the 4500 and the 5000. The 7000 is greatly flawed in my opinion and was not ready for release when it was. Typical of Minelab to use the first runners/buyers as guinea pigs.

Does it work? Yes no probs. But does it detect that typical nuggety stuff as well as it does the other types? No it doesnt, a 5000 will kick its proverbial on that stuff.

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Jan 10, 2019
Backward step 7000 over 5000
by: Tony

I totally agree that upgrading from a GPX 5000 to a GPZ 7000 is a backward step.

After using a GPX 5000 for over 3 years quite successfully throughout WA

I was stupidly convinced to upgrade to the GPZ 7000.

The first thing I noticed was that I had left tiny bits of gold in some of the areas I had detected so it is definitely more sensitive to small gold but as far as any decent size nuggets it is definitely inferior.

After more than 3 years now I have not found anything like I was finding with the GPX 5000.

At first I believed that it was just a matter of patience and time and that larger nuggets are getting much harder to find but they don't just disappear overnight.

Looking back I was finding decent size nuggets on every occasion with the GPX 5000 but I haven't found one since. How do you explain that??

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