Learnt a lot in Cue.

by Trevor Bartlett
(Nuriootpa, South Australia)

I used a brand new GPZ 7000 this year in Cue over 2.5 months in my first journey to the Western Australian goldfields.

To start with I found difficulty detecting with the machine as I was uncertain of what I was actually listening too.

There is nothing like getting out there detecting though and after several days of use, I became more settled and understanding what the detector was telling me.

While I have not found big nuggets yet, I have found many TINY nuggets down to some 6 to 8 inches. The settings on this detector I feel are easier to understand than the GPX series. There have been statements that the GPZ is heavy, and this is true.

However my belief is that the swing harness supplied with the GPZ is badly designed.

I made some minor changes to the harness to allow the two side struts to take more load and transfer this weight to my back.

This did help me somewhat, but it still needs more modifications made. Over the next few weeks I am going to make some more modifications to ensure that this harness does not put weight on the top of my shoulders when swinging the detector.

If this is successful then I feel that this detector will not be the problem that is currently being experienced by a lot of us out there.

The 14 inch coil is good for nuggets near the surface, and the 19inch also very good at detecting these same small nuggets.

I am still to find larger nuggets, but have seen examples of big nuggets found very deep when others have used this coil.

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