Minelab 7000 - The Best Metal Detector Ever Made

by Roy Frost
(Perth )



We have had the GPZ 7000 since they first hit the scene, also we have bought 2 of them and had very good results in virgin ground a 29 gram piece at 800mm a 1 gram piece at 15 cm (6") I am sure you wont find that at that depth with a 5000.

I am 75 years of age not a big person and I find the 7000 very comfortable to use especially with the new harness and you have to adjust it right to get the benefits from it.

I can detect up to 6 hours a day and not a problem with the detector or the set up or the comfort.

My son who is of similar build to me can detect up to 10 hrs a day and no problems either.

We do not use the default settings on the detector either we have been in this game i.e. metal detecting for around 40 years, and have tweaked beyond the settings that most people use and it comes from experience.

Do I think the detector is value for money Absolutely. beats any other metal detector we have used and owned including the 5000 which I
sold recently as I have no further use for it.

Yes the price is a product of good sales pitches for sure and I feel is overpriced but the last two trips away total of 6 weeks were 11 ozs in new ground and difficult and noisy but if one perseveres with this detector and experiments with the settings big rewards will come its just a matter of time and patience.

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