Over priced

by Rob

Listening to your theory it is 100% correct, Minelab in my eyes, are greedy and went for the consumer $$$ .. I work very hard for my money and in my eyes the 5000 is worth its weight in gold, having tried both machines I was clearly won over on the 5000 over the Z.

The z is a dinosaur to wave around all day and can become very tiring regardless of your age or your condition. I found it unstable and noisy on too many occasions when detecting, but the patch they (Minelab) had bought out helped out with this problem, but for the price you pay - this beast does not cut it.

Sure different grounds different conditions do not help any detector but the 5000 gives out a nice hum 90% + all the time and its not frustrating...look I can keep going on and on but I think you get the picture.

Personally, I think its like buying the first model of a new car there's always a few problems until they bring out the next model and fine tune everything.

I think the next Minelab detector will be the cream of the detectors because they would have listened to the consumer on how there's so much negative reports on the z, if you're a professional operator you will work out the z and will master it without too much frustration, but if you're just a weekender here and there they will run into issues and more issues, the secret is to work the z inside and out and listen to the people who know.

Just look and read all the reviews its confusing when it shouldn't be.

Game over

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