SDC2300 with Coiltek Coil and Booster

Hi Bill and Udo,

I too did not think the 14 x 9 coiltek retrofit was as good as the original minelab coil however after spending some money $$$$ on a booster I now love it because it covers so much ground not so much depth at all and was able to get the volume correct for the sensitivity which I run at 4.

However, I would not recommend if it's your first time on the ML SDC2300 to change over as you need to operate the SDC2300 as is to understand its sensitivity first.

Marise Palmer

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Oct 05, 2019
SDC 2300 With Coiltek 14x9 Coil and Booster - Is it Economical?
by: Udo

Thanks Marise

Glad it is working for you, Coiltek have sent us a replacement 14x9 coil which is being tested (Without a booster) to see if the problem was the original coil.

However we are not sure that the benefits of the new Coiltek coils on a SDC2300 outweigh the functionality of the original SDC2300 and what it was designed for. (Portability, sensitivity, quick turn on and go, simplicity, value for money.)

It is probably not such a problem for us as we have a suite of detectors to use.

For the person who can only afford one machine and they opt for the SDC2300 due to price, then they may want to try the bigger coils for depth.

However, when you start adding the cost of a coil, a booster and the other paraphernalia to the SDC2300 price you are getting up above the GPX5000 second hand cost. The 5000 is a better all round machine for sensitivity and depth.

Thanks for your story it is appreciated.

....Udo and Bill

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