The con of minelab SDC 2300 8” coil

by Jakov

The plastic elbow joint that hold the coil get worn out quickly after one month of use. The cost of part replacement is about $90. This is the weakest area of the SDC 2300 detector. Costly monthly replacement for whole year round.

Is there other way to prevent that?

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Mar 16, 2021
Sdc replacement elbow
by: Gail K

The replacement hinge/elbow is $60, a replacement elbow protector is $24. This is one of the reasons why I stick to the original coil as constantly changing the coil on the sdc will no doubt eventually damage something.

Mar 15, 2021
Replace Plastic Elbow join
by: Udo

Hi Jakov

I have not have that problem. We have 2 SDC2300s in use constantly. We use the standard coil not aftermarket Coiltek coils

Your comment I think refers to the elbow joint in the SDC2300 as that is removed when you put the new coiltek coils on it.

So it doesn't really relate to this article about the need to use the coiltek coils on a SDC2300.

I would suggest you contact Minelab if the machine is still under warranty.

I would be interested if anyone else has this problem and what the solutions is...Bill

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