Where to hire Minelab 5000 Detectors in Victoria

by Weng

Hi Guys,

Whereabouts we can hire a 5000s? Just that we dont want to buy it unless we found ourselves substantially inclined to do prospecting for a long term, and we are beginners too so we would like to try out first. Any ideas is a great help.

Hey Weng

Just Google "Hire Minelab detectors (and the) State" and you will come up with all the shops and places that hire out metal detectors in your area.

You can then contact them to discuss hire terms based on location, availability and cost.

If you are just starting it is also good to do a Metal Detecting Seminar or tagalong to learn the right way to use the detector.

We do training in Western Australia Gold Prospecting Lessons Cue .that also teaches, Legal Metal Detecting/Gold Prospecting, Tengraph Online, WA Geology and Metal Detecting - try and get something similar in Victoria it is a very good investment.(Just Google again!)


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May 27, 2014
Weng's query
by: Simmo

Weng, there are other ways of looking at the metal detecting caper. I was into the game from 1978 till 2000 (22 years), then moved to the coast and gave it away. Now after nearly 15 years I have got the bug back again and decided to buy an up to date detector. I had a try out with a Minelab GPX 5000 with a 6 inch Sadie coil, probably the best combination around at the moment. Then I did some research, and decided to buy a fisher Gold Bug Pro DP. I looked at it this way. Where the Minelab might get a match head size from 2 inches, the fisher might get it from 1 inch. Where the Minelab might get a piece the size of a 5 cent coin from say 12 inches and the Fisher from say 9 or 10 inches. Then the fact I am on a pension told me that the Fisher at $1,000, compared to the Minelab at $5,500, and the probable difference in performance meant I had to go for the Fisher. The information above is all estimates, as I am out of touch regardless of past experience, but it is worth waying it all up before making the plunge.

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