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Geology Maps Online Free


Geology Maps online - how and where to get them for free for WA

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Gpx 5000 vs gpz 7000

I tested the gpx 5000 against the gpz 7000 on a 19 gram nugget buried at 500 mm. Running the 19 inch coil on the 7000 in Normal and sensitivity on 9

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Minelab 5000 is the Best of the Best

Best of the best

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A Great All round Detector (Minelab GPX5000)

I've had my 5000 for 2 years and only been able to use it 3 times because of border closures and each time I have found gold. I use a 12 inch Nuggetfinder

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Gold In WA App To Guide You to Where Gold is and Where You Can Go

Goldtracker App Front Page

Gold In WA App - everything you need to know to guide you to Where Gold is and Where You Can Go Prospecting.

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